Maybe you have never heard of the term “Musictheatre” and you’re wondering what it means… or maybe, you have heard it already a couple of times, but it still seems really unclear where it stands for?

Musictheatre is a crossover, interdisciplinary performance. We can use whatever different kinds of art we like!

That is how most of artists seem to use it. I would like to add, for personal interpretation, one really important thing that I miss a lot in performances. Making musictheatre is making and writing one coherent story in which the public doesn’t even realize the transition between the different art forms. Music is dance, and dance is poetry. During a performance, nobody should feel or notice differences in that. The clue of making musictheatre doesn’t lie in the different art forms we are combining, but in the intention that goes behind it.

So if we put it in a simple way: writing musictheatre is for me a way to tell my personal story.

Would you like to know how I created my first musictheatre?

Watch the trailer of De Creatie, to understand why I am so passionate about musictheatre! It is in Dutch, if you would like to have a translation (French, English or German), please react on the video!

I don’t know anybody who is doing what I am striving for. Who can I look up to? Teachers are trying to show me which way I have to go in order to achieve success as an oboe player.

I discovered that my definition of success isn’t equal to theirs.