This page contains my individual biography, as well as the biography of Sine Solem.


Anne Willem (1996) is born in Liège, Belgium, and began to play the oboe at the age of 8. She followed oboelessons with Griet Bols until 2014 at the “Academie voor muziek en woord (NIKO)” in Neerpelt.

After her bachelor with prof. Ralph van Daal in Maastricht, Anne Willem graduated in February 2022 summa cum laude from the Musikhochschule of Lübeck, with a master’s degree in oboe with prof. Diethelm Jonas. Her great passion for making music theater was already expressed in her first performance “The Creation” which premiered in 2017. She was awarded the Hustinx Prize in the same year, worth 2,500 euros, for her initiative of writing music theater.

In 2018 she was appointed as the oboist in the educational project “Orpheus” of Philharmonie Zuidnederland until 2022. Since 2020 she has been a permanent member of the improvisation orchestra Stegreif, in Berlin.

Sine Solem

Sine Solem is a collective consisting of two creative musicians, Anne and Anouk. With music for kotamo, oboe and saxophone, we seek the boundaries of the classical music world. This unique sound combination is the basis for the development of our own musical concepts. Improvisation plays an important role in this, so we bridge the various style periods of our instruments.

Duo Animando

Even though Duo Animando is currently on hold, it’s still worth to mention our beloved duo!

This is the very first project I started during my studies. From the first notes Anna Michels and I played together, we knew something beautiful would grow out of this. That’s why we decided to become a duo.

We play together since 2016 as “Duo Animando.” I invite you click on this page and listen to some of our recordings!