My discoveries

The oboe is my first love and will always be my biggest passion. But the older I get, the more extraordinary things I discover. This can go from something small, like discovering a new cake recipe, to bigger things, like exploring a new culture and everything that goes with it: the language, the music traditions, the food…

My discoveries are translated in new creations, ideas or participations in projects that I love. Here you can have a small overview of what I do. You can click on the title for a personal blog about this topic.

Sine Solem



Het schimmenrijk

From 2018-2021 I was the oboist of the educational project “Orpheus” of the Philharmonie Zuidnederland, in the Netherlands. I wrote a blog about my experience during one of the performances, unfortunately only in Dutch.

I never saw any educational project as beautiful and touching as this one, so I feel blessed I could be a part of this creation. We were in total 7 people: 4 musicians, 1 actor, 1 director and 1 costume and set designer. Since we went from one school to another (sometimes 3 schools a day!), we needed to have a flexible decor to set up really quickly. Luckily, we always had 1 or 2 volonteers to help us.

The white board behind was in fact a screen on which we projected (parts of) paintings. On the old-fashioned way, with a overhead projector. Playing all music by heart and doing some crazy choreography was not the difficult part of this performance. Instead, changing the projections in time became the biggest challenge! 🙂

Credits foto Jörgen Backus

The kotamo